Tack rags

Wiltec tack rags effectively remove large amounts of dust from surfaces and retain even the finest particles. Dust picked up by the rags remains trapped. It can no longer be distributed, even if the rag is shaken.

Wherever dust or dirt has to be removed, experts use the Wiltec tack rags. They are ideal for work in paint shops, because they are compatible with all types of paint and varnish and do not contain any substances that are detrimental to paints such as silicone and wax.

The European automotive industry has relied on Wiltec tack rags for decades. Furthermore the tack rags are used in many other sectors, ranging from aircraft construction, furniture trade and for example the field of micro-electronics.

To be ensured of dust free results, use the Wiltec tack rags!

Tack rags


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